Volunteering goes digital.

We envision a world where everyone can give back to society, by sharing and using their best talents and skills, for the greatest possible impact.

For Companies

We make it easy, effective and measurable for companies and their employees to give back to society and engage in a new form of digital volunteering.

On our platform, volunteers can quickly and easily find volunteering opportunities, which match with their skills, individual interests and schedules.

Employees can get involved regardless of their location or their mobility, thereby saving time and resources with the greatest possible impact.

Companies will gain a complete overview of their corporate volunteering activities to ensure maximum transparency and measurability for their meaningful engagements.

For Organizations

Non-profit organizations and sustainable startups will find highly qualified and motivated volunteers on, who are ready to engage in classic volunteering, specialist projects and professional mentoring.

With the help of our intelligent online tool organizations can create digital volunteering opportunities within minutes.



of companies consider it important to promote and provide volunteering opportunities.

Source: AmCham & Roland Berger: Corporate Volunteering in Deutschland


of employees expect companies to support their volunteering ambitions.

Source: AmCham & Roland Berger: Corporate Volunteering in Deutschland


of employees consider the opportunity for corporate volunteering a decisive factor in the choice of their prospective employer.

Source: brand & values (Hg.): Hand in Hand – Corporate Volunteering als Instrument der Organisationsentwicklung in Deutschland


We want to enable companies and their employees to get involved in society and to deliver maximum impact in an easy, convenient and measurable way.

Corporate volunteering makes a meaningful contribution to a better world and a sustainable future. More and more companies are supporting and promoting the volunteering activities of their employees.

With our platform we enable digital volunteering for companies and their employees under the following principles:

Firstly, employees should be able to use their skills, strengths and special talents. For example, a Marketing Specialists can have tremendous impact by helping organisations improve their fundraising activities or marketing initiatives.

Secondly, employees should be able to help regardless of their location or mobility – using digital means, from anywhere in the world, including their workplace. This saves companies and organisations money and resources for coordination and logistics and offers more flexibility, leading to a higher degree of individual commitment and participation throughout the company.

Our digital matching process enables participants to always find the activities which best suit their interests and skills. Thereby purpozed provides positive experiences as well as lasting and meaningful commitment.

…how volunteers can help



Organizations looking for volunteers, who want to engage passionately, but do not need any specific skills for the activities.



Organizations looking for professionals, who can implement skills-based projects for them.



Organizations looking for experienced experts, who want to accompany them for a specified period of time as a mentor.



Organizations have specific questions they want to ask an expert or need a feedback or an advice on a particular topic.