About Us

We envision a world where everyone can be socially engaged with the greatest possible impact by using their unique skills from wherever they are.

Silvan, Felix and Sebastian have been friends for years. They often sat together and discussed… About friends and family, goals and dreams, life and its meaning. They also often thought about new technologies, business ideas and start-ups, dreamed up ideas and then discarded them.

And now this: Corona. Limited contact, hardly any exchange and a new sense of time and transience.

When they met again for the first time after weeks, there were new topics: How are people coping in this new pandemic situation if they are alone and on their own? How would those in need of help fare when physical closeness is not possible and commitment and attention are just limited to the closest circle?

There had to be ways and means – especially at a time like this – to encourage as many people as possible to get involved and use their skills to help others as effectively as possible. After some research, it was clear that for many people, especially working people, access to voluntary work (especially for the first time) remains difficult and is associated with uncertainty and unanswered questions: How can I remain flexible? Will I disappoint the expectations of others if I can’t commit to specific dates in the long term? What can I do to contribute my skills in the best possible way and what do I like to do?

This is how the idea for purpozed came about: a digital platform that will make it easy to get involved in volunteering, flexibly, regardless of location and taking into account the interests and skills of each individual. purpozed wants to lower the threshold for getting involved and to provide help where it is needed most – regardless of location.