Why corporate volunteering?

Corporate volunteering is the voluntary commitment of a company’s employees to a good cause. The primary aim is to develop a social or ecological impact. Numerous studies show that corporate volunteering also brings a number of benefits to the companies themselves.

Increasing satisfaction and commitment

Employees who are able to volunteer during working hours are more satisfied, more motivated and more committed to their company’s goals. Because corporate volunteering promotes company culture and team cohesion, they feel a stronger commitment for their company. This in turn leads to measurably lower staff turnover.


lower turnover at companies that offer corporate volunteering to their employees¹


of employees who have participated in corporate volunteering activities report higher job satisfaction


of employees say that offering corporate volunteering is essential to their well-being at work³

The more employees participate in corporate volunteering, the stronger the positive effects. The key is to offer a diverse range of volunteering activities, reflecting the different opportunities and preferences of employees. After all, everyone wants to help and can help differently. Our motto at purpozed is therefore apt: “Corporate volunteering for everyone”.

Increasing skills, creativity and innovation

Corporate volunteering supports skills in employees that they would not be able to develop and train in their daily work routine. Especially in the context of professional volunteering projects, they have to think outside the box and find new approaches and solutions to new challenges.


of corporate managers believe that corporate volunteering supports skill building⁴


of Fortune 1000 CEOs say employees develop new skills and strengthen existing ones primarily through skills-based volunteering⁵


of employees say corporate volunteering has helped them improve their leadership, communication and teamwork skills⁶

Recent surveys show that employees prefer volunteering activities in which they can use their skills. Among those under 30, it is over 90 percent. They want to expand their skills and really make a difference with their help. At purpozed, we place an emphasis on these popular skills-based activities.

Employer branding and corporate image

Corporate volunteering also promotes a company’s externally perceived sense of responsibility. Customers base their purchasing decisions on the sustainability of companies. And young talent in particular sets high standards for the social responsibility of their (future) employers.


of employees believe that companies that offer corporate volunteering also provide a better working environment overall³


of employees see sponsored engagement as a deciding factor when choosing an employer⁷


of Fortune 1000 CEOs see skills-based volunteering as a suitable means of attracting top talent⁵

Companies that enable their employees to engage in corporate volunteering should talk about it! Some companies are even required to provide annual sustainability reports. pupozed supports the measurement of social and ecological commitment.

About purpozed

purpozed is made for companies aiming to offer employees a simple, fully-fledged and innovative volunteering program. Our platform is also perfectly suited as an additional, digital building block for existing corporate volunteering activities.

Corporate volunteering for everyone

On our platform employees can find volunteering opportunities which fit their time capacities, skills and individual interests.

Full measurability


A real-time dashboard provides companies with a full overview of their volunteering activities and the impact of their commitment.

Get started quickly and easily


Get onboarded quickly and easily (plug & play) and control all corporate volunteering activities in an all-in-one solution.


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