Why corporate volunteering?

Corporate volunteering not only has a positive impact on society. It also delivers tremendous value to your business and your employees. In short: Corporate volunteering is a real business case!

Promote corporate culture, team building and motivation

Employees whose volunteer work is encouraged by their company are more satisfied, more motivated and more committed to their company’s goals. Because corporate volunteering strengthens the company culture and team cohesion, they feel a stronger bond with their company. This in turn leads to measurably lower staff turnover.


lower turnover at companies that offer corporate volunteering to their employees¹


of employees who have participated in corporate volunteering activities report higher job satisfaction


of employees say that offering corporate volunteering is essential to their well-being at work³

The more employees participate in corporate volunteering, the stronger the positive effects. The key is to offer as diverse a range of volunteer activities as possible, reflecting the different opportunities and preferences of employees. Because: Everyone wants to and can help differently. Our motto at purpozed is therefore apt: “Corporate volunteering for all”.

Increasing “future skills” and sustainable innovative strength

If companies want to be successful in the long term, they need employees with “future skills”.

The problem: Traditional HR development formats are not well suited to specifically promoting and developing non-digital future soft skills such as creativity, innovation skills, and the ability to engage in dialog and conflict.

Corporate volunteering can solve this problem.


of corporate managers believe that corporate volunteering supports skill building⁴


of Fortune 1000 CEOs say that employees develop new skills and strengthen existing ones⁵ primarily through skills-based volunteering.


of employees say corporate volunteering has helped them improve their leadership, communication and teamwork skills⁶

The presentation on the topic

The blog on the subject

What are Future Skills anyway and why are they so important? Why is it so difficult for companies to develop future skills in their employees? And why is corporate volunteering an exciting solution to this problem?

Skills-based volunteering with purpozed

Surveys show that employees prefer volunteer opportunities where they can use their skills. Among those under 30, the figure is more than 90 percent. She wants to expand her skills and really make a difference with her help. There are over 100 different skills-based volunteering opportunities to choose from on the purpozed platform at any given time.

Strengthen employer branding and corporate image

Corporate volunteering also promotes companies’ sense of responsibility as perceived from the outside. Customers base their purchasing decisions on the sustainability of companies. And young talent in particular sets high standards for the social responsibility of their (future) employers.


of employees believe that companies that offer corporate volunteering also provide a better working environment overall³


of employees see sponsored engagement as a deciding factor when choosing an employer⁷


of Fortune 1000 CEOs see skills-based volunteering as a suitable means of attracting top talent⁵

Social contribution, CRS & ESG

By definition, social commitment has a positive impact on people and the environment. It contributes to the achievement of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and makes our world a better place.

In ESG ratings, the “social” part is regularly weighted the highest. Corporate volunteering is also the most effective way of making sustainability issues tangible and tangible for employees.

About purpozed

purpozed is the digital all-in-one solution for corporate volunteering. Our platform is made for companies that want to offer all their employees a simple, year-round and impactful volunteer program. Likewise, purpozed is also ideally suited as an additional building block for existing corporate volunteering activities.

The right engagements for everyone

At purpozed, all employees can quickly and easily find engagement opportunities that perfectly match their interests, skills and time budgets at any time.

Whether on-site or digital & accessible. Whether in a team or individually. Whether short and one-time or longer-term and regular: At purpozed, everyone can participate.

Much more than a corporate volunteering platform

On purpozed, companies and non-profits find each other quickly, easily and sustainably.

Together, they form a genuine purpose community in which employees from companies and nonprofit organizations get to know each other, exchange ideas, realize impactful engagements, and stay in touch over the long term.

This fosters engagements, creates unique social experiences, and maximizes value for all stakeholders.


You want to find out more about purpozed? Then let’s talk with pleasure! Or simply explore purpozed yourself:

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