Corporate Volunteering for everyone

With purpozed and the wide variety of engagement opportunities, companies can now get involved in society in a simple, effective and measurable way.

These and many other companies are already involved in purpozed:

About purpozed

purpozed is the digital all-in-one solution for corporate volunteering. Our platform is made for companies that want to offer all their employees a simple, year-round and impactful volunteer program. Likewise, purpozed is also ideally suited as an additional building block for existing corporate volunteering activities.

The right engagements for everyone

At purpozed, all employees can quickly and easily find engagement opportunities that perfectly match their interests, skills and time budgets at any time.

Whether on-site or digital & accessible. Whether in a team or individually. Whether short and one-time or longer-term and regular: At purpozed, everyone can participate.

Much more than a corporate volunteering platform

On purpozed, companies and non-profits find each other quickly, easily and sustainably.

Together, they form a genuine purpose community in which employees from companies and nonprofit organizations get to know each other, exchange ideas, realize impactful engagements, and stay in touch over the long term.

This fosters engagements, creates unique social experiences, and maximizes value for all stakeholders.

All the ingredients for successful corporate citizenship

Employees can easily find suitable engagements and start them immediately.

Far above-average activation rates through regular campaigns and community events.

Hundreds of audited non-profit organizations covering all impact areas, target groups and sustainability goals.

Personnel development and team building through skills-based volunteering and group activities.

Data protection-compliant real-time dashboard with all relevant engagement KPIs.

Huge variety of concrete engagement opportunities for all interests, locations and time budgets.

Minimal management effort and fast, simple onboarding.

Integration of existing non-profit partnerships and a wide range of customizing options.

Highest activation rates in the shortest time

  • 68% 68%

…of employees register with purpozed within just four weeks.

  • 53% 53%

…of the registered employees start their first social commitment within just three weeks.

Volunteer stories

It couldn't be easier. I think the tool is great"

<p><em>Corporate Volunteer André Töpfer about purpozed</em></p>

"purpozed was my springboard into volunteering"

<p><em>Corporate Volunteer Svea Meyburg about purpozed</em></p>

"You do good and can really make a difference"

<p><em>Corporate volunteer Julian Jonas about purpozed</em></p>


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